HO231N-40 Residual Current Circuit Breaker With Over-Current Protection (RCBO)

The new RCBO is a single pole plus switched neutral device where the line/load can be connected from top or bottom. Having no restriction to the connection of supply enhances the safety of your installation and the compact.Single pole size allows more poles to fit into assemblies offering a cost effective solution. • Fully conforms to AS/NZS 61009-1 • Compliant to Energy Safe Victoria – Additional Testing Requirements for RCBOs. • Rated current up to 40A • Type AC and Type A sensitivity devices available It achieved Australia SAA certificate ,and pass the ESV test ,It is can be wired in either direction

Products Details

Design according to IEC61009-1 AS/NZS61009-1
Number of poles 1P+N
Active and neutral poles switched
Rated current In: 6 – 40A
Rated voltage Un 230/240 Vac
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Voltage range for protective function 50 - 253V
Rated short circuit capacity 4.5kA
Rated residual making/breaking capacity 3kA
Tripping characteristic B,C
Rated tripping current IΔn 250A (8/20us)
Rated tripping current IΔno 10, 30mA
Residual current sensitivity AC, A
Rated non-tripping current IΔno 0.5 IΔno
Rated Insulation voltage 500V
Dielectric strength 2.5kV
Selectivity class 3
Operating temperature -5 to 40ºC
Endurance Electrical comp. >10,000 operating cyclesMechanical comp. >30,000 operating cycles
Mounting 3-Position DIN rail clip, permits removal from existing busbar system
Load terminals Load terminalsOpen mouthed/lift terminals
Line terminals Open mouthed/lift terminals
Terminal protection Finger and hand touch safe
Terminal capacity 1 - 16 mm2
Terminal screw torque 1.2Nm
Degree of protection, switch IP20
Degree of protection, built-in IP40
Resistance to climatic conditions acc. To IEC/EN 61009

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